Two months!

My little man is already two months old! I can't believe how fast time is flying. Joseph and I have been visiting my family in California the last two weeks. Granmami couldn't help herself and made him a cake so we could celebrate this mark!

It's getting close to midnight here in the west coast so this short little post will have to do for now because this mama is quite exhausted from a full, almost-no-nap-from-the-man day!


Apple picking or was it sleeping?

It's that time of year! I look forward to apple picking ever since my first Fall as a newlywed in Chicago. It is such a treat to do to get in the mindset of the beautiful colors to come, cooler weather, and warm homemade treats.

Don't get me wrong, I love summer most, but walking around with a portable little oven this time made me reallllly yearn for the cold. Tommy and I were looking forward to going as a family this year. We picked last weekend as the best time to spend lots of family time together before mine and Joseph's trip out West (to finally meet the rest of my family who was unable to make his Baptism). 

We had to unfortunately leave the flannel behind since it was ohhh 86 degrees or so!
First we rocked out on the porch as we waited for it to cool off some before heading out. I was nervous it might be too hot and we almost didn't do it! 
The delicious fried apple pies captivated us for a while, too. We worked up an appetite on the one and a half hour ride to the north Georgia mountains.
Uh oh... Someone was enjoying his nap way too much...
... and was less than amused at mom 's ideas for photo opps!
They don't tell you that there are hardly any apples left... nor explicitly forbid climbing to get the last of the crop!

Then Bubba finally woke up not exactly pleased...

and we took our cue to head on out.


But I know that his middle of the night feeding was to him his reward for working napping so hard!

Testing the blogger app!

Testing the blogger app on my nifty new phone!

And while I'm at it, how do I display Instagram on the sidebar or get the cool social media letter links?


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